Primary Updates and More

Rosie4Parks has taken the lead in the general election! This was a spectacular experience and deeply grateful for all those that gave their time, sent supportive messages, donated, endorsed and, most of all, voted. As we look towards the next six years, community voice continues to be central in the work. Help make a change in Tacoma and support increasing a diverse landscape for Tacoma, center community, and look towards continuous improvement.

Message from the Candidate

"I'm running for a seat on the Park Board of Commissioners to serve the young members of our community who've yet to visit our amazing parks. I'm running for all those that struggle to access our parks, community centers, and metro parks' services due to language barriers, lack of system knowledge, or physical ability. I run for all the families that survived stay-at-home directives by being outdoors and taking advantage of open spaces. I run because I need to see voices like mine represented in areas that impact Tacoma."

Rosie Ayala, Candidate

Metro Parks Tacoma Board of Commissioners, Pos. 3

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