Message from the Candidate

"Thank you so much for your interest in donating to Rosie4Parks. I'm extremely excited to have earned your support and look forward to working together and achieve winning results on November 2nd. Join me in spreading the energy this election season and telling your friends about the candidates you support."

Rosie Ayala, Candidate

Metro Parks Tacoma Board of Commissioners, Pos. 3


Do More than Donate

Your financial contribution is deeply appriciated. Here are more ways to lean in and support:

      • Encourage friends and family to check their registration status and register to vote if they haven't or have been purged from the system.

      • Sign-Up and Join the Team! Would love to work with you to support Rosie4Parks.

      • Request a lawn sign here to display and talk to your neighbors about why you support Rosie.

      • Spread the word as far wide as you can--Voter turnout is expected to reach 30% in the county. Let's work to increase this number and ensure every voice is heard!

      • Share with your friends and encourage them to reach out with thoughts, questions, or concerns.